You need more than a 'like' to succeed on social media

Likes (vanity statistics) used to be the key indicator on how a brand and business is doing the more the likes, the more successful an brand was doing. It is no longer the case.
  1. A like used to mean a person will automatically see your updates organically but not anymore. There is a push for you to pay for visibility so the organic way of getting visibility requires innovation and thinking outside the box.
  2. There are now more players on social media competing and vying for people’s attention which has become so limited. Once you are on social media the ball-game goes global, which can sometimes be a disadvantage where resources for advertising is limited.
  3. There is a new direction by the social networks to push for quality time spent on your page as opposed to the sheer number of likes. Engaging content is critical for quality time. This means you need to profile your target audience so you create the right content to attract them.
So how do you leverage on social media to grow the brand?
a) Create user generated content to have more visibility.
b) Use cross posting to other platforms to tap into different networks.
c) Consider using genuine influencers and brand ambassadors taht can influence the buying behaviour of the audience.
d) Use sponsored adverts and posts.
e) Use social to compliment your traditional methods of marketing.
f) Have collaborations and strategic exposure partnerships so that you access the other person’s audience.
g) Use social media primarily to connect with your audience instead of awlays hard selling.

Loveness Nleya (Administrator)
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