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One of the most transformational experiences that have made a huge impact in my life is success stories of people who have defied the odds. When we talk about success at a personal level, it’s not about becoming a global or well known multi-millionaire. I believe it is about envisioning a future and then achieving it. For some it is the ability to put food on the table in a harsh economic environment, or being able to take your children to school and putting a roof over your head. Success at a personal level has nothing to do with being famous for it.

#Hyped is mainly about inspiring you through real stories from real people with dreams that have become a reality. It is also a newsletter that focuses on business (formal and informal). We unpack the traditional and innovative ways of building a business that will grow to being a source of income that will enable you to more than just survive. To be a holistic product we cannot ignore life issues. We can share the best of everything we have just mentioned but if the quality of your life is not good, this can easily become irrelevant. We will talk about wellness, wellbeing, health, fitness and all the other things.

We will issue bi-weekly – mid-month and end of month. To receive the download link to the PDF newsletter you subscribe once using our sign-up form below and indicate whether you prefer to receive the link via:

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To celebrate the recently celebrated Women’s Month, our initial issues will feature stories from phenominal women.

Do you know of a woman who has an untold story, has an impact in business, your life or someone else’s or in a community, who you would like to nominate to be featured in our PDF newsletter and upcoming online magazine?

Use the nomination form below to nominate that woman and we will get back to you advising you if the nomination has qualified and the way forward. Each woman who is featured will also get a profiling opportunity whether they are in business or a professional. We look forward to your submission.

NB: These nominations have no financial remuneration directly from #Hyped. The Nominee has to be willing to share their story for free.

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Loveness Nleya

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