Do you feel unfulfilled and unhappy at work?

This could be a defining moment for you. I was that person once, and I didn’t start off my job like that at all. My job resonated with a deep-seated desire to be part of something greater than just earning money – making an impact in communities through philanthropic work. One day, I found myself sad, diagnosed with a chronic condition, on steroids, artificial hormones, sleeping for days on end and asking myself if there was more to life. 

Maybe your situation is different from mine, yet we may have the same desire to change careers, not the job…the entire career. This FREE e-book details my journey from being an International NGO Accountant to being a Digital Marketing Consultant. The journeys and details may be different, but you could glean some principles to make your journey faster.

It’s about making a #CareerShift. Do not get me wrong, I am not advocating for you to mindlessly quit your job. It’s not for everyone. I am sharing my journey with the hope that someone will be clearer on making the decision.


Loveness Nleya

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