Meet the lead consultant: Loveness Nleya

Born and raised in a beautiful country called Zimbabwe…

When I got into Digital Marketing, it was on a deep seated hunch and desire for a different future than the one I was headed to, which had lots of reports and deadlines as an NGO Accountant.Though this was right up my alley as a philanthropist at heart I wanted a different future. 

Sometimes in life we are faced with the reality that we want… no actually need to change. For me this change led to a drastic career change from NGO Accounting after 12years to Digital Marketing. I had to self teach and the journey was not easy to put it mildly. When I work with individuals, brands and businesses I understand the sacrifice, the need for authentic practical solutions and the desire for progress because I experienced it first hand.

This is why I decided that as a multi-talented creative who has expertise in Digital Marketing, to focus on creating an ecosystem of digital solutions that will help my clients, audience and network. This means that I can provide solutions that will support anyone from deciding to embrace tech and digital marketing, to creating and building a compelling presence online – whole works.

A more about Loveness…

I am a former International NGO Accountant with 12years experience who made a drastic careershift. My journey in Digital Marketing has been rewarding because I have
a) been awarded a business accelerator by a UK-based organisation, 
b) co-won an award to become a Digital Champion for small businesses and make an impact in 2500 Micro Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Africa by training them in Digital Marketing. This has been made possible by my partners International Trade Centre, International Chamber of Commerce and the World Trade Organisation, being sponsored by Google and Zoom.
c) worked with small businesses and individuals and made significant impact in the way they operate, their business and income growth.

To #Learn, #UnLearn, #ReLearn is my lifestyle because the world is ever changing and we have to embrace certain mindsets to succeed – think #Legacy, not survival

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