Meet the lead consultant: Loveness Nleya

Born and raised in a beautiful country called Zimbabwe…

When I got into Digital Marketing, it was on a deep seated hunch and desire for a different future than the one I was headed to, which had lots of reports and deadlines as an NGO Accountant.Though this was right up my alley as a philanthropist at heart I wanted a different future. 

Sometimes in life we are faced with the reality that we want… no actually need change. For me this change led to a drastic career change from NGO Accounting to Digital Marketing. I had to self teach and the journey was not easy to put it mildly. When I work with individuals, brands and businesses I understand the sacrifice, the need for authentic practical solutions and the desire for progress because I experienced it first hand.

This is why I decided that as a multi-talented creative who has expertise in Digital Marketing, I would focus on creating an ecosystem of digital solutions that will help my clients, audience and network. This means that I can provide solutions that will support anyone from deciding to embrace tech and digital marketing, to having a compelling presence online – whole works.

A little more background…

I am a former International NGO Accountant with 12years experience… 

#Learn #UnLearn #ReLearn is my lifestyle because the world is ever changing and we have to embrace certain mindsets to succeed – think #Legacy, not survival

#TechMakingADifference #Technopreneur #DigitalStrategist #Creative #WomenInTech

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