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30 December 2023 marked 9years since I started my journey self-teaching in Digital Marketing, Web Development and Graphic Design. I bootstrapped those 9 years, Zimbabwe has no easily accessible financing. It has not been easy but worth it. I changed my career after 12 years in the International NGO space as an Accountant.

Looking back I see that I had to support myself largely and I would like to offer some free support to people who need it. Building mental resilience and tenacity through personal development is what kept me going. There is power in a made up mind. Sometimes it means accepting a project that you know is not paying you your value but will pay bills and you take it with the mind to maximise the opportunity to sharpen your skills and ride on the output.

To stay on course and in the game you need mental stamina building support… I don’t know if it’s coming out right lol! ANYWAY! I am offering a FREE WhatsApp Broadcast called PowerUp. It focuses on mental resilience building through personal development so that you stay on course.

I will send out a weekly broadcast with content to get your through the week and also have an activity where possible. The key thing is to apply what will be spoken about. Where I can we will have virtual and physical meet-ups.

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Loveness Nleya (Administrator)
 <em><strong>I am a Digital Marketing Consultant/Strategist who is a Multi-talented Creative, Technopreneur and Philanthropist.</strong></em>Passionate about African tech users maximising the internet and tech to grow, increase income and create memorable brands.

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