Grow your visibility on LinkedIn, Facebook and Tiktok

Do you know that these 3 social media networks can radically change your career, income and business prospects? The key is not in JUST posting but being strategic in how you do it. The 30day Visibility Challenge will do that and more.

This program is designed to equip you to grow your visibility & network, gain following, and build a new online success habit of creating quality content consistently. Would you be interested in knowing how to practically maximise social media to attract ideal employers or clients by growing your visibility? This Challenge is for you!

I, Loveness Nleya (your trainer), am a self-taught Digital Marketer, Web Developer, Graphics Designer, Digital Skills trainer, Techpreneur & AI enthusiast and I want to show you how I 
1) got clients from different parts of the world,
2) became a registered UN consultant,
3) got global recognition for the projects I got involved in,
4) built a credible personal brand in Digital Marketing without formal certification, through content creation.

Join me in a practice that I do to massively grow my visibility online in short bursts of time through taking intense action Рmy #BeastMode Runs. They vary from 30-day runs to 90-day runs. I am offering you an opportunity to be my Running Buddy for 30 days from 6 January 2024 to 5 February 2024 to grow your visibility online. 

Visibility is critical to attract quality networks, stakeholders, clients, or employers. The 30-day run will accelerate your progress toward achieving your income, career and/or business goals by taking consistent and focused action. Invest $1.50 or $2.00 a day in getting your personal brand visible online for career, business or income growth.

Besides myself, you will have other like-minded people to support you and increase your chances of success Рyour other Running Buddies. Call me your Chief Running Buddy. 

30 days Visibility Challenge outline

Week 1 (6-12 January) РBootcamp on Content Creation & Branding yourself 
Week 2 to Week 4 (13 January –¬†5 February) – ACTION! ACTION! ACTION!
This is a very practical-based program that focuses heavily on getting results. You need to be geared to
1) take action. 
2) stick to the plan.
3) be accountable.
4) reject any excuses you will make to yourself.

Other information:
a) Lessons and weekly activities will be managed on Google Classroom
b) Participants will have access to a WhatsApp Group only for updates and admin support.
c) Participants need access to the internet and have existing Facebook, LinkedIn or TikTok accounts depending on which platform they will be focusing on.
d) No technical knowledge is required to take this program.
e) We will focus on the basics and grow visibility using those basics. 
f) All participants will have tracking tools provided to gauge their progress.
g) All participants need access to a computer, tablet or phone that can access Google Classroom.

The investment:

Participants need to pick which platforms they are interested in and pay per platform. We have done this because each platform is unique and therefore needs it’s own action plan and visibility strategy.¬†

NEWS FLASH: These are special launch prices. They are set to increase to the regular price after this first group. 
a) Facebook Р$30 
b) LinkedIn – $35
c) TikTok – $50
If you want more than one platform, you will get a 12% bundle discount.
Facebook & LinkedIn – $57.20
Facebook & TikTok – $70.40
LinkedIn & TikTok – $74.80
Facebook, LinkedIn & TikTok – $97.75

Payment Options:
InnBucks: Loveness Nleya 0773 445 316
EcoCash: Loveness Mahunyepa 0773 445 316
Western Union & Mukuru: Loveness Tapiwanashe Nleya


After making payment:
Send proof of payment to +263 773 445 316 via WhatsApp or sms. Also add your full name and number so you get the information for the next step OR
Use the WhatsApp link below:

This is for social media profiles NOT business pages.

Do you need more info? Just use the WhatsApp Link Button below

Be seen! Be known! Be heard!

Loveness Nleya