Hey courageous lady! Do you feel like you need a break?

From 2019, to date we have been on a roller coaster globally because of COVID19 and it’s time to give ourselves some TIMEOUT! To unwind in a safe digital zone. To uplift each other, focus on some self love, self care, growth, wellness, wellbeing, inspiration, self awareness and resilience. So once a month (month-end), expect to have a themed virtual party to go to.

Sometimes it will be a dance party, or a sit down session where we have some candid table talk on various issues that affect us as ladies (with or without an guest expert). Ladies from the community will be invited to co-host so we can enjoy the diversity of gifts in the community. 

In between the major monthly events we will be hosting weekly virtual unwind sessions in our online community, so expect that at least for 30minutes once a week you get to forget what you are going through, and enjoy the company of like-minded women with a common goal to see you thrive – not just survive. 

The community will be open for interaction and support during the week so you are loved, encouraged, inspired and motivated. We are going to stretch what it means to have clean fun, have open talks and share stuff as ladies whilst we build each other up. This community is about you. 

You taking care of you. You choosing you for a change. You experiencing self-discovery in a place where you have at least one person to cheer you on. It’s about having cheerleaders who will AWLAYS say we hear you, we see you and you can do this.

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Join the Facebook Cummunity with like minded ladies eager to see you, not only survive but thrive.

The community is FREE to sign up and has self-love centred community guidelines for an uplifting experience.

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