We need each other

LadiesNytOut is a supportive online community for ladies only. It was created for members to uplift each other, unwind, network, grow friendships, and support a safe digital zone.

Though LadiesNytOut is FREE we will be hosting paid events regularly. As a way to empower the members of our community, we want to reward those who

*are passionate about what we are striving to achieve and

*want to partner with us by sharing our paid events with their network. 

We are offering a way to earn on-demand using tech and your network. #FunMakingADifference. A registered affiliate gets commission from 10% for every paying referral. We do the heavy lifting like; provide the Ads, do the admin, planning and coordination and our affiliates #ShareAndEarn.

We are excited because it means ladies can have another way of earning by sharing with their network. Basic training is provided so each affiliate has a chance to maximise their earnings before any event.

1) Internet-enabled device such as a mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

2) Access to data or the internet. 

3) The willingness to learn and the drive to work.

4) Access to platforms you can share on with permission without violating any rules and regulations – social media, blogs, websites and other communities.

5) A Zimbabwean bank account where you will be paid your commissions. If you are outside Zimbabwe and interested in becoming an affiliate, we have good news. We are working it out to also include you.

Loveness Nleya