It was an ordinary afternoon during lunchtime and I was standing behind this lovely looking lady. Nice hair, nice clothes and smelt nice. We started talking after some time, because the queue wasn’t moving fast and we both agreed that it would be sad if we spent most of lunchtime trying to buy. The lady in front eventually got to the till. Her lunch and snacks were charged and as she reached her wallet to pay…the unexpected happened! A cockroach in a frenzy – probably confused by the sudden light, ran out of her bag with an obvious determination to hide in the cash register and the till operator shrieked, grabbed her cloth for cleaning the till surface. Yes, it was swiftly put out of its confusion and was flattened quickly.

There was a stunned silence for a moment from the people who had seen everything or most of it. The lady in front was mortified. She quietly handed her bank card to the till operator. Didn’t say a thing to anyone and then she walked out like a model on the catwalk with her head held up high, into her beautiful Mercedes C200. I learnt an important lesson that day… don’t move with the cockroaches. For the purposes of this post – the cockroaches are the limiting beliefs, negative thoughts and experiences in your past. To have a fighting chance at a better future, you “gotta” leave it all behind.

There is nothing you can do about your past. It has already happened. It’s important how you perceive your past and how you decide to use it. If you see it as negative it will always way you down. It will be that frenzied cockroach that comes from nowhere, just when you think you got it together – it will have the audacity to show up at the worst possible time to throw you off. If you perceive your past from a place of gratitude, growth, strength, victory, resilience and all the good stuff, that’s you putting the cockroach out of its confused state. You take away its power to throw you off. It becomes a butterfly that everyone wants to admire. The past becomes the struggle the worm had to undergo to become a beautiful story.

Choose to leave the cockroaches behind. Take time to investigate what is holding you back from becoming the person you want to be. Why are you bound by the ridiculous opinions and expectations that people impose on you instead of jumping into the arena of being ‘unapologetically you’. Face the cockroaches and focus on creating the future you want. It’s a long journey, but it’s worthwhile. I left my cockroaches, there is no room for them in my future.

What are your cockroaches?
What is stopping you from becoming who you want to be or creating the future you want?

Deal with them.

xoxo Loveness


Loveness Nleya

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