Harness the power of referral marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you earn commission from promoting other people’s products and services when you are the affiliate, or partnering with individuals or companies to refer their audience or network to your products/services¬† for an agreed referral commission.

Usually affiliate marketing mutually beneficial for the parties involved. The Merchant who owns the products and services being marketed and the Affiliate who does the referring. The Merchant uses the power of word of mouth by allowing the Affiliate to share the services and products to their network or audience they have influence with. This means unlike traditional marketing, the Merchant only pays for the marketing when there is a confirmed sale or order. Making it an attractive way of return based marketing.

The Affiliate benefits by diversifying their income, sharing services/products and getting paid for it. It creates potential passive income without limit to the potential earning, with dedication and good work ethic. This is usually a low capital business with minimum barriers of entry, meaning people can now #EarnOnDemand, instead of appying for a job in order to earn. Affiliates have flexible working hours and more control over how much income they earn.

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Grow your income using Affiliate Marketing

Use Affiliate Marketing to massively grow your income and access new markets for your product, service or brand as a Merchant or… build a new income stream by becoming an Affiliate and gain more control over how much your earn and the effort you put in order to earn.