#BrandYOU: you are brand, accept it

For the longest time, every time I thought of branding, I would think corporate, companies, famous people and organisations. The one day, not sure when, discovered that I am a brand. You are a brand. You don’t have a choice. Your brand is based on your values, the perception people have about you, your story, your style, personality, the emotions you evoke when people they think of you or mention you, what you are known for….quite frankly this list is long. You have a brand, an impression that you make on people that you spend even 5minutes with. 

It’s important that you are in control of that impression and perception of who you are. #BeDeliberate. Take control of your brand and don’t leave it to chance. You don’t want to have someone have a misconception about who you really are. Personal branding is an integral part of success in this information age. Your career, potential clients or partners or friendships and even your business can be impacted by your brand. The best brand to have is attractive, credible, strong, influential and relatable for your target audience. 


  1. Write what you believe you are known for or would like to be known for.
  2. Google yourself online – if you didn’t know you, what would a stranger conclude about you from the search results?
  3. Ask your family, friends, workmates and associates what they think of when they think of you. Smile when you ask…LOL, you want people to be very honest.
  4.  Write the responses down and compare to #1. Be blunt with yourself.
  5. Start your journey of branding yourself. 
This journey will help you discover your authentic self. When you know your authentic self, you have started living a life of success. Don’t go through life on someone else’s influence or limitations, it’s easy to go through life numb. No one aspires to leave a legacy of mediocrity. 
Don't apologise for who you are and who you want to be. #BeBoldlyYou - Loveness Nleya

Build #BrandYOU

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