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The Digital Age has radically shifted what we thought was essential for the children to remain relevant now and in the future. United Nations, UNICEF, International Telecommunications Union and other similar organisations recognise and state that with the introduction of tech, the internet, artificial intelligence, social media there are essential digital life skills that we need to develop in the children for them to
1) be employable,
2) create employment and
3) thrive in the digital future.

One such skill is storytelling. Have you been to a meeting or event where an educated or highly profiled person struggles to articulate themselves confidently yet they have the accolades and recognition to prove that they are indeed an expert? How about being addressed by someone who does not inspire you to listen or pay attention? 

People have become personal brands whether they chose to do something about it or not. This program not only equips children with the skill to create compelling stories using tech and the internet but nurtures creativity and the confidence to express themselves through multi-media such as text, images, audio and video. All our sessions are practical and also incorporate developing the critical thinking skills to be safe online and to use tech productively. 

Every child and parent/guardian can opt to sign up for our subscription-based continuous program after the course where the child will continuously learn and apply what they learning.

Program Outline:
a) Learning: 20-26 August 2023
Parents/Guardians invited first online session on 20th at 5pm (CAT) and encouraged to support the learners through out the course. 
Module 1: Introduction to the Digital Space & Digital Storytelling. Opportunities ahead.
Module 2: Text for Digital Storytelling
Module 3: Images for Digital Storytelling
Module 4: Video for Digital Storytelling
Module 5: Audio for Digital Storytelling

b) A Virtual Show and Tell: 27 August 2023

NB All our modules have assignments and are practical. Each learner will have an outcome/output by the end of the course.

c) Lessons will be hosted on Google Classroom. An average of an hour per lesson. The learning is self-paced. 

d) Learner needs to have access to a mobile or laptop or tablet for learning , assignments and the Virtual Show and Tell.

e) Price: US$50 per child – Cash, EcoCash USD, Innbucks and ZWL$ accepted.
For cash payments & ZWL$ get in touch with:
Loveness +263 773 445 316 
Edith +263 733 432 231
EcoCash USD:
Loveness Mahunyepa : +263 773 445 316
0773 445 316

f) Trainers:

Edith Utete:
Digital Media Use Expert, Online Safety Safety & Digital Wellness Advocate.
Commonsense Profile Link

Loveness Nleya:

Digital Marketing Advisor & Techpreneur
Commonsense Profile Link 

Fill out the registration form below for your receipt: admittance of the learner into the Google Classroom and the program:

Please note that refunds are given after a 20% administration fees, only if the learner cannot postpone taking their course. 

Loveness Nleya

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