Want to join our team of experts?

Welcome! We appreciate your interest in being part of our team. We are always on the lookout for new experts to add value to our audience and clients but are selective in our choice of experts.

Please review the following points. If, after doing so, you feel your work is a good fit for us please complete the form below. If your work passes our initial review, we will be in touch via email in 7 to 10 days.

How we work...

Loveness Nleya and the team is tightly focused on digital marketing, personal branding, creating multiple streams of income and creator content. We create content, coach, train and mentor on your proved approaches and strategies that also reflect generally accepted best practices. Your expertise should not be based on the general knowledge but on your experience and results that can be proved.

We favour innovative, practical and holistic approaches or strategies that add real value to our clients and audience. Our strength is in offering result-oriented and customised solutions. Collaborations, networking and teamwork are key concepts in the way we work together.

In order to avoid any conflict of interest, our experts may not mention any tool, product, or service they are in any way affiliated with. Put simply, this means if you currently work for, represent, or are otherwise incentivized for mentioning a product, tool, or service, you may not include it in your solutions to our audience and clients without verification of the value and green light to do so. We do this in the interest of our audience and clients. Every solution has to be sanctioned & tested. 

That said, an expert has to make full disclosure of any affiliated solutions and fully express their benefit so everything is transparent. More details of how the expert operates will be shared during the onboarding process.


Who we are looking for...

We accept only individuals, consultants, business owners and not company teams. We prefer expertise derived from practicing experts who have in-depth knowledge rather than a general base in their area of expertise.

You must have a track record. Your methods, approaches and strategies should demonstrate that you’re able to offer unique, tactical insights based upon your hands-on experience; offer services and guidance on tools, step-by-step how-tos, walkthroughs for executing tactics, etc.

How to apply

If you are still interested and feel you are a right fit for the expert’s team, please complete the form below. The information that you provide will not be shared or used for anything else except for the evaluation of your application. If your work passes our initial review, we will be in touch via email and WhatsApp in 7 to 10 days.