Tip#1 - Inappropriate tags

One of the things I had to do as I was preparing my other profile to use it, is go through the profiles I was connected to. One main thing I noticed was that some accounts have inappropriate tags on their profiles. 

Whilst it may not be alarming for some, but if we were to assume that your profile is an extension of who you are and what you believe then it is worth paying attention to.

Did you know that potential employers, investors, business partners, relationship potentials and other stakeholders now also check your digital footprint? This means that without calling you, by just going online to see what is publicly posted or shared about you, a person can decide whether you are the right fit. There is a service I provide called, ‘Ethical background checking’. It is ethical because I only use what is available on the public domain and do not request a connection with you to get more info for the client.

Make time to set up your Facebook account and optimise it, making sure that only you have creative control over what goes on your wall. If someone tags you, it will show up on your profile by default unless you change that setting. It is not only pornographic material but also traditional healer stuff for success and all that. 

Get your account worked on by our team. You have two options:
a) we assess your account and develop an actionable report to implement yourself, or
b) we assess your account and work with you to action our recommendations,

Quick Assessment & Actionable Report
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