Master Digital Marketing Business Basics

SHH Means Business has partnered with Loveness Nleya to run a Digital Marketing training customised for women in business.

Learn practical Digital Marketing from an award winning Digital Strategist with a passion for small businesses to more than just survive, but adopt Digital Marketing to
1) grow as a business, 
2) have more sales by attracting the ideal clients,
3) generate more sales by being more visible online.

This course will set you apart from your competitor and is designed to help you get results from day one by implementing what you will have learnt. The course is designed for small business owner to be able to implement and easily understand.

Course outline

a) Introduction to Digital Marketing.
b) Social Media basics and Marketing.
c) WhatsApp marketing.
d) Website basics.
e) Sales 101 – How to get new customers and how to turn an enquiry into a paying customer.
f) Profiling your business.
g) Creating content that sells.
h) e-Commerce Basics

Other course details
1) Course time: 10-12 hours
2) Includes workbooks.
3) Student needs access to the internet.
4) Lessons will be delivered in video explainers and PDFs.
5) This also includes a working group.
6) Course will run on WhatsApp plus lessons readily accessible on Google Classroom

Price: US$25 per student 
Payment Method:
Cash preferred
Nichole Marara
+263 771 555 530 (Calls) 
+263 78 128 8644 (WhatsApp)

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