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Do you dread speaking or are you shy to speak up even when you know you have something valid to add to a conversation?

Do you find yourself believing that your story or opinion is not worth sharing?

Or maybe you just want to have greater impact and engagement when you speak?

Maybe you have a deep desire to know how to use maximise your voice to express yourself or connect with your audience, friends or colleagues in a meaningful way.

Then the Speak and Inspire Masterclass by Lisa Nichols is for you.

My Story

Those that know from when I was a young girl know that I was shy, quiet, compliant and kinda reserved. What was not evident was the big dream of one day standing in front of people to speak, present, be a master of ceremony and act. I am the type of person who sweats from the back to the shoes on a stage. The type of person that can forget her name or a tune that has been recited may times in an instant.

I just could not go on like that. In my late thirties as I was online I discovered Lisa Nichols story when she had $11.42 and was one government assistance. She was with her son and could not even afford to buy diapers for her child. Then she vowed never to be broke again. She started actioning this and one of the things she did was repeatedly go to some conferences to master something and she would be one of the few women in the room.

The way she told that story has never left me and I wished I could one day do the same.

Program review

SO! I am going through Lisa Nichols’ Speak and Inspire program on the MindValley platfrom and the journey has been nothing short of amazing so far, even though I have evolved from that shy girl . The way she shows how I can further master the power of your voice is so simplified that even if you are experienced you can master your voice. She takes you through a series of carefully designed principles, tools, and techniques designed to awaken the powerful communicator in you.

PLUS! It’s not all theory, there are practicals there too, making it practical and holistic. The truth is we all have stories despite what we could have been told and this program is something I recommend unreservedly.

The sessions can be taken with a commitment of 10mins a day and you also have access to discussions within the program. Did I mention that she has this energy and vibe that is contagious, learning becomes such a joy. 

ENOUGH yabbering… I could go on forever. Don’t just take my word for it. Take a free masterclass with her and decide for yourself.

What is MindValley?

It is a global learning  platform that brings in world experts to help people experience transformation in every dimension of their lives. So it covers the mind, body, soul, business, career and personal lifestyle. It has over 60 transformational programs to help experience the best version of your life. There daily lives, you can connect with other students and every month there is a new curriculum.

Maybe you are thinking that the Speak and Inspire is not for you right now. You could maximise the $100 discount and become an all access member where you get mind blowing access to all the programs, communities, tools and lives. I was like a child in a candy/sweet shop people. The value is undeniable. You have 15days from the day of purchase to see if it is for you then you can refund yourself no questions asked! #RiskFree

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