WIB - Women In Business

Women empowerment ensures that women and girls have been equipped and allowed to make life-determining decisions. WIB focuses on empowering girls and women economically through business. Our focus is on women and girls:

  1. being trained on profitable businesses and practices.
  2. create environments, events and communities that enable the exchange of ideas, strategic partnerships and networking.
  3. entrepreneurial mindset training for tenacity in business and success.
  4. using technology to work smart in business and not be enslaved to the business.
  5. maximising digital approaches and strategies to grow their business.
  6. creating market linkages and an ecosystem that ensures continuity of business.

In a nutshell we are committed to enabling women and girls to be in control of their financial well-being. 

Join our community of like-minded women, ready to be economically independent. Take control of your financial future through business.


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