Amplify your message

Get resources, support and access to digital solutions to amplify the message of Hope to more people. Vocalise is a service dedicated to empowering the church and ministers to grow their ministry within and externally to reach more people effectively using technology and through digital solutions. 

Benefits of working with us 

  • Leverage on Digital Marketing Strategies to get a greater audience for your message.
  • Maximise technology to add value to your monitoring, service delivery, database, communication and any other ministry activities.
  • Use multimedia to effectively communicate with your audience.
  • Generate value adding reports and analytics for more informed decision making.
  • Get a wider and new audience for your ministry, ministry events and campaigns by featuring on our platforms and using our innovative approaches.
  • Empower your ministers with the best practices, information and tools to make ministry more efficient.
  • Explore ethical ways of generating income as a ministry, that adds value to your ministry and enables you to be financially independent for any projects for the benefit of your members.
  • Get digital solutions for more efficient outreach and ministry outside your current members i.e attract the right potential members.
  • Build a strong credible brand online that is attractive to non-members and creates pride of association with current members.

Start growing your ministry

Use the power of technology, well researched approaches and innovative tools to minister effeciently to your current members and attract new members who resonate with your message.