Stand out for your gifting, talent, unique ability or skill.

Some of the most successful people in the entertainment industry started off from one exposure online and people loved them…the rest became history. We are looking for people who have a gift, or talent, unique ability or skill to expose online so that they get a more than just a stepping stone. 

#BeDiscovered and share your talent with the world. One of the fastest ways is online exposure because of the impact and an ever ready audience for new talent. How many times have you seen a gifted person on a video clip that was forwarded and there is no contact or way to see more? 

We are bridging the gap, creating the opportunity for creatives to showcase their talent and have a database of people we work with to grow their careers, or jump start them. The creatives will get training on digital strategies to grow their brand and online presence, plus also get personal development for strong personalities and mindset which is critical for success. 

Brand yourself and #BeDiscovered

Embrace technology and modern concepts for success. Learn and master how to use innovative online apps, platforms, strategies and business acumen to build a memorable brand that is attractive to businesses and your fans to connect with.  Build the right mindset to achieve success and overcome limitations. Make your talent, gift or unique skill your business. Maximise your talent and make more than just living from it. 


Tofara Chimenya
a.k.a The Poet Laureate

Photographer | Artist Management| Poet | Creative Designer |                 Web Developer | Saxophonist |  Digital Marketer

Experienced and seasoned artist manager with a passion to expose, groom and nurture talent for success.

Make more than just a living

Partner with us to make your dream a reality by maximising the internet for faster growth and using concepts that successful people are using to make more than just a living using their talent.