Personal development is the new success

“I used to see other people becoming successful and used to wonder if there was a way an ordinary person can have the extraordinary life. Then I discovered personal development well into my 30s. I had been researching, studying and trying to really decode life. What was the difference between me and the person? Think about the stories of Tyler Perry, Lisa Nichols, Patt Flynn, Steve Harvey and even Oprah Winfrey…Denzel Washington and this list is long. They started started from a difficult background and still became successful. After investing in a business that has strong personal development, going for training and investing in myself I see the role Personal Development has played in stepping out of the comfort zone to pursue my dreams. Mindset is critical for your success. 80% of success is psychological – Loveness Nleya”

Master your life and overcome your limitations.

Develop your talent, know your value, discover your full potential and overcome your limitation to achieve your dream. YOU are the biggest variable in achieving success or your dream. Think about it. Everyone has 24hours; we all trousers one leg at a time regardless of how famous or affluent you are. What you do with the same 24hours, the gift of time and what investment your time in matters. YOU become the variable.

Success is a decision away and is no longer entirely about your background but more about what you decide to do about the future you want. Invest in yourself to have a chance at living your dream. Entrepreneurship is more of a mindset, than the transactional activities. 

Start your journey now

Take control of the creating the future you want and build the mindset that will enable you to live your dream.

Please note that this is not a once off event but more of a process, that requires commitment to your dream. 

Live a life driven by your purpose and what fulfills you. Don’t got through life numb at the mercy of what life throws.