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Hallo, Loveness here…

I’m a family woman who had to learn about digital innovation and technopreneurship online out of passion and necessity. I am an Accountant by profession with 13years in the NGO field and Digital Marketing Consultant by choice, with a passion for personal development, health, fitness, wellness, charity work and other creative stuff.

The decision to commit career suicide and literally start again came at a time when it made more sense to grow my career as an Accountant. There was one problem, I wanted to re-invent myself and change the future I saw myself headed to – a future that meant less time with family and more time at work. 

A new dream had formed without me realising it – to have more control of what I earned, the time I spent with family and making a difference in people’s lives and businesses. I was drawn to Digital Marketing originally but the more I did it, I realised I was more of a technopreneur.

Hack into the future you want and don't settle. What's the point of having dreams if they were not meant to come true? BUT the dream ain't going to work for you to live it... you have to be hungry enough to fight for it.

My why…

To expose and work with individuals, brands and businesses to maximise the internet and have balanced lifestyles. 

Core Values

  • Authenticity – being boldly myself and inspiring others to be true to self.
  • Self Discovery & Personal Development – constantly exploring potential and investing in yourself.
  • Networking and collaboration – creating and developing new personal and business relationships.
  • Learning – always be exposing yourself to new concepts and applying them for a better life. Everyday is learning day.
  • Purpose – to be clear about the WHY and live a focused life.
  • Community – be a positive influence in the lives of people online and offline.
  • Coaching & Mentorship – success in almost guaranteed and faster if you have someone to walk with you. Success can be duplicated.

Excited that you came by. My goal is to add value to how you “do life” and envision business. Don’t settle for less than what you are convinced you should have, and are willing to work for.

#Dare2Dream #SuccessHacking #NeverGiveUp #Mindset #PositiveVibes 

Interested in working with me?

Make your goals/dreams for business and life an online reality by overcoming limitations that you know or do not know. Results are always faster with coaching and mentorship. I had to learn the hard way, it doesn’t have to be your story. Leverage of the years of learning, experience and investment.