Re-Imagine Business

The one thing that is constant is change. Business now more than ever needs to be quick in adapting and foreseeing change. It’s time to consider other business strategies for survival. Instead of sticking to the usual and traditional, it will mean taking time out to

  • consider what other businesses are doing to survive.
  • have strategic partnerships with businesses in the same industry for a wider audience. Example is a wedding planner, partnering with a jeweller or a bridal attire supplier or a wedding venue owner to get referrals for their services. This can come with referral commission.
  • adopt the modern marketing strategies such as influencer marketing. Where the budget is not large, it means looking into micro-influencers with agreeable offers and benefits with a long term relationship in mind. Grow together. There are so many other strategies to take that will amplify a brand to a new and wider audience.
  • scrutinise the business and think deeply about other ways to earn money using the same business i.e creating multiple streams of income from one business.
  • ¬†leverage on digital marketing to have greater brand exposure and drive traffic to your business.
Going the traditional way and sticking to what you are only “comfortable” with can cost you your business. The first step to accessing your creative and innovative self is to be¬†
– open minded.
– get into learning mode i.e preprare your mind to learn new things.

– being clear of the price of not coming up with possible strategies to survive i.e what is at stake.

Don’t be afraid to start something totally new. We are doing business in a time where the environment has a lot of “first times” that no text book or schooling prepared us for. It’s time to re-imagine what business means for us. It’s better to be the solution to your problem. So yes, the ball is in your court, make the decision to embark on the journey to re-invent and re-define business for you.

Author: Loveness Nleya

Wife to one man and mother of two.
She uses her passion to learn about the internet to empower people to create better lives for themselves, better businesses and brands.
She achieves this by sharing concepts, approaches, mindsets, applications, coaching and training.
Loveness is driven to inspire people to discover the endless opportunities online.

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