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WhatsApp is used by many and also very accessible. This short course shows people how they can maximise it to generate income. This means people will be able to generate income from their phone maximising WhatsApp.

Course Outline:
Beginner – Advanced Level
1) Intro to WhatsApp
2) Ways of generating income
3) How to come up with the pricing
4) Tools and software to use
5) How to market

The course is hosted on Google Classroom and the student paces themselves. 
It has assignments for better understanding of how to start generating income quickly.

a) Pay $30 if you pay by 31 October 2023 midnight (Early Bird Special)
b) Pay $37 if you pay from 1 November 2023

We accept cash, EcoCash USD and Innbucks.
Use 0773 445 316 to make payments.

Do you have any queries or questions? Communicate with Loveness on WhatApp. 

Loveness Nleya

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