Navigate the digital world safely & responsibly

It is critical to build skills, knowledge and develop behaviour that positively uses digital technologies to interact and participate online in an efficient, balanced and safe manner. The digital age/information age is here to stay, our digital presence and activity online have become extensions of who we are. We believe it’s a life skill because our family lives, business, relationships and interests are online.

How you interact with the internet can affect your emotional and physical well-being, expose you to online dangers or opportunities and also create a persona of who you are based on behaviour there. The truth is the internet is accessible to anyone and everyone, those with good intentions and those with sinister intentions too. Learn how you can master it to bring value to your life instead of it taking it away.

Digital Assests

Digital assets broadly includes a range of electronic records & possessions – from social media accounts, digital photos, email, to sites in your name. Digital assets built right will pay you, give you passive income and multiple streams of income. Use the internet to attain financial freedom & have more lifestyle options.


Digital Health & Wellness

The way you use digital gadgets & consume digital products can significantly affect various aspects of your life. Technology is meant to be used to improve lives, but the way some people use (or abuse) technology poses serious issues. Learn how to  maintain the right balance between your online life and your real life.


Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship covers the responsible use of technology.  Empowerment on digital citizenship is essential to help students and their guardians achieve & understand digital literacy, prevent cyber bullying, practice online safety, digital responsibility, and digital health & wellness. Let’s safe guard our youth against the pitfalls of ignorant use of the internet.

Digital Executor

What happens to your digital assets after you have passed on – your computer files, personal online accounts, email, photos & videos. Your physical stuff can be covered by the law, but think of your social media account. A digital executor is someone who you can assign in your will to follow your wishes after you are no longer there.

Digital Rights

The internet has made the sharing of content easier. An emerging concern is how human rights can be upheld as private data is more accessible. Digital rights are the rights of individuals pertaining to computer access and the ability to use, create and publish digital media.

Digital rights can also refer to allowed permissions for fair use of digital copyrighted materials or personal data. Know and understand the principles of Digital Rights to uphold them.