Benefit, don't pay from using technology

Technology is supposed to improve your life, but for some it has disrupted it. Digital health and wellness focuses on

  • being aware of your habits as you interact with digital devices and the internet.
  • creating tech habits that did not affect your life negatively – where you do not do what you are supposed to because of a preference to be on a device or online.
  • have healthy emotions associated with technology instead of exhibiting an addictive behavior.
  • striking a balance between tech and your life so it does not cost your your health e.g. living a sedentary life from being glued to the screen increases the risk of lifestyle related diseases and can affect your social skills.
  • maintaining good mental health whilst still using tech.
It’s critical now more than ever to make sure the quality of life is compromised because of your tech habits. Even the tech giants like Google are now advocating for development of apps that are not addictive for the user. Don’t be at the mercy of a phone or social media, be empowered to maximise tech instead.

Take control of your life

After establishing a habit in how you relate to tech, it can be a tall order to take the journey of taking back the control on your own. We have programs that can jump start your journey to digital health and wellness.