Payment information.

Paid appointments:

  • You can book an appointment without making payment immediately, however, please note that your appointment will only be confirmed on receipt of payment.
  • You can pay using Paypal or a local option.
  • Payment option is shown at the end of the booking.
  • Paypay users can pay immediately on checkout. 
  • RTGS, ZIPIT, Money Transfer and mobile payments are accepted. Pick the ‘Local Payment’ option. Click HERE for details.

Free appointments:

  • As the name suggests, these appointments do not require payment for the time alloted to them. Expect an appointment confirmation after booking successfully.
  • You can only book one free call in your lifetime 🙂 so choose wisely what you want that call to be about.

Other information:

Some appointments will require you to answer some questions or require you to go through some material for the efficient use of the time allocated. 

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